From September 14, different rules will apply to card use in online shopping in the EU. The goal is to make abuse more difficult for those trying to use another card.

All data is at hand

If you leave your credit card stolen or stolen , you can easily buy the amount on it online today. Because if the security code is on it and the person knows our name – for example, a family member or acquaintance – there is no obstacle. The card’s surface is filled with all the information you need to start spending on your account.

In the EU, this will be tightened from now on, as you will only be able to spend money on the card if you identify yourself with an individual security code. (But if you go to a non-EU site, like or, for example, the best known in the country, you still don’t need it.)

The user will also have to do

The form of identification – SMS, scannable color code, QR code – will vary from bank to bank. This will need to be activated, for example, through the online interface of that financial institution.

Thus, your card will not be abused in European webshops and other online payment sites, although there will be places to do so. As described earlier, you can protect against this with a virtual card, for example.

Disabling online payment is a good solution

Disabling online payment is a good solution

If your credit card is stolen or lost, the first thing to do is to disable it. And set daily shopping and cash withdrawal limits to zero, making the plastic tab unusable.

If, on the other hand, we find the card because, for example, it turns out that we were slipping away from our beach gear during our vacation or in some other way, we should report it immediately. If you continue to use your blocked card without notifying the bank, you may even be blacklisted on the KHR (BAR) list.