Applying for a loan is a great choice for many people who want to carry out their projects and ideas. Whatever our situation, if we are considering asking for a loan we must take into account many factors when doing so.


Solvency of the project

Solvency of the project

whether for an aesthetic operation or a reform at home, we must be aware of our economic capacity to be able to return the requested money within the stipulated deadlines. Analyzing the profitability, feasibility and consistency of the purpose will allow us to be more secure when reimbursing payments.


Not included in file lists

If we are in a file list, it will be impossible to grant us a loan. Therefore, it is very important that we monitor the status of our accounts so that they do not include us in one. To exit them, you can consult our post about file lists and how to exit them.


Choice of the lender

borrow money

In Wilgamesh we can be financed by people like us. The time of people who believe in other people and who contribute their grain of sand to carry out our project. In traditional banking, we cannot choose who finances us, nor do we have much room for choice with their high interests. However, new participatory financing platforms such as Wilgamesh have revolutionized loans and the way ideas are paid.


Realism of the requested amount

Realism of the requested amount

The higher the amount we request, the more interest must be paid, so it is convenient to ask for the exact amount that we will need without exceeding. However, we must take into account everything we will need so that our idea takes shape in a satisfactory and successful way.

In addition to these factors, Wilgamesh is committed to respectful, compliant and established people in their working lives to offer a system of mutual trust between borrower and investor. Thanks to the Wilgamesh coverage system, those who finance your project are more secure and protected. Thus, in the event that one month we are late in paying the fees, the investor would not stop receiving the principal of the money borrowed.

At Wilgamesh, people like us will help us to put that idea that we have been planning so long into place. If you think you can be a model borrower, you can find out below how to apply for your loan at a fair interest.